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“Your ghostwriting content is just a click away. If you’ve been looking for high quality, well researched content, you are at the right place.”

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My name is Rhonda Grice, the author of this website, and the person that will happily write all your content for you.

Why Use Me?

For starters, I enjoy what I do.  When you need good content,  you need  someone with experience to back up their claims.  Your order will never be put on the back burner just to work on a bigger project.  I pride myself on giving each order the same attention, no matter who the client is.  Orders are worked on a first come basis, so if you have a deadline, then let me know right away.  If I can not meet the deadline, I will not take the assignment.  I always furnish my clients with content that will really stand out. Work coming from this site will always be original content.

How It Works

First Step:  Email me with details of what services you need and I will get back with you the same day in most cases, unless the weekend, with a price and time frame for the job.  You can also call or visit with me through Skype if you don’t want to use email. My Skype handle is Rhonda Grice. Be sure in your Skype contact message to let me know you are asking about writing. This helps me keep spam under control. I think you will be pleased to see the price of my work fits almost any budget, and the quality is the caliber that will get you desired results.

Services offered at this time are as follows:

1.Article writing

2.Small report writing

3.E-books – small or large

4. Research

5. Five Part Mini Courses

If you need a writing service that is not mentioned, feel free to drop me a line to discuss it. There are also a few more services listed on the subscription bundle page.  I look forward to hearing from you.  All my writing is well researched and 100% unique.

Contact Information:


Skype: Rhonda Grice




Terms/refund policy
Payment made up front unless new customer.  First time customers may pay 50% up front and rest upon deliver of work.  Refund policy – If what I promised is not delivered you get a refund, however, there must be valid reasons attached.





Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I hope you will feel comfortable here and try my ghostwriting services today.